Organization of staff

The administrative tasks of workforce management do not just serve to help organize the job that the workforce does. They also deliver data useful in decision-making processes.

Good staff organization should allow the work of a company to be structured  in such a way that every employee is effective within their department, but also within the company as a whole. To achieve this, various tools can help: surveys conducted within the company, job descriptions or requirements.

Fixing salaries

This general assessment also contributes, in several companies, to determining the pay scheme. For this scheme to be effective, it is also necessary to take into account other parameters such as the performance of each employee, their age, number of years of service and possibly their family situation (number of dependent children for example).

These assessments must be periodically adapted to changes on the labor market so that the company remains competitive and is able to attract high-quality employees.

Staff administration

What are the tasks of an up-to-date and effective staff administration? These include checking working hours, drawing up work contracts, paying salaries and issuing certificates of attendance, but also managing staff management statistics, particularly in terms of sick leave and staff fluctuations.

Compliance with laws

Companies also have to ensure compliance with various regulations such as collective labor agreements and any other measures or agreements regarding staff. To achieve this, companies must have an understanding of employment law, as well as of all the regulations associated with social security contributions and social insurance.

You can find more information about this in the sections entitled The Employer’s Obligations, Employment Law, and Health and Safety.

Information sources

Staff administration work produces a multitude of data which can prove useful in terms of decision-making or as tools for supervision. With these statistics and this information (for example, regarding sick leave or staff turnaround), it is possible to detect any vulnerabilities within the internal organization or to verify the effectiveness of measures taken in the past.

These data can be processed using different computer software programs which help to simplify the handling of routine administrative tasks.

Source: Personalmanagement, Theorie und zahlreiche Beispiele aus der Praxis, Marc A. Hermann and Clarisse Pifko


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