Unified payroll procedure

ELM software (unified payroll procedure), developed and certified by Swissdec, allows companies to organize and regulate the transmission of payroll data to social insurance agencies and authorities. 

Use of a salary accounting system certified by Swissdec considerably lightens the administrative burden for companies, whilst ensuring the transmission of payroll data to all recipients in a single procedure. The program automatically compiles all the data necessary to each recipient. In just one click, salary data are sent to the AVS, insurers, the Suva, the tax office and the Federal Statistical Office. Transmission of the signed and encrypted data via the internet meets the very latest security standards.

A not-for-profit association, Swissdec brings together the main recipients of payroll data in Switzerland. It is responsible for certification of salary accounting systems, advises software manufacturers and guarantees and supervises data transmission in compliance with the law.


Last modification 20.02.2020

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