Remembering to monitor results

After the launch phase, an online store’s survival relies on measures to monitor results, logistics and user behavior. 

An online store’s results and the behavior of users of its site can be measured easily using web controlling tools such as Google Analytics. Here are a few indicators which should be monitored constantly:

  • Number of visits to the online store
  • Turnover per product or per group of products
  • Ratio of visitors who have placed a product in the basket or placed an order
  • Order totals
  • Basket contents
  • Search criteria (word or brand most frequently searched)
  • Most visited pages
  • Length of visit

Other factors need to be considered in relation to communications and customer relations:

  • Bounce rate from advertising banners and conversion rate for actual sales
  • Number of subscribers to the newsletter
  • Feedback on products or services, both positive and negative

Monitoring these indicators helps to identify areas to improve and to take the corresponding measures.

Last modification 05.03.2020

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