Developing a natural medicine practice

The naturopath must obtain the authorizations required to run the business. There is no obligation to register on the commercial register if turnover does not exceed CHF 100,000.

Who creates what?

An entrepreneur creates a natural medicine practice.

Scope of activity / target group

A natural medicine practice offers alternative treatments compared with traditional medicine, corresponding to the patient's individual needs.

Chosen legal form/financing

The entrepreneur has created a sole proprietorship financed from his/her own resources.

The business is not governed by any specific rules in the canton of Vaud. Depending on the expected turnover and the nature of the business, it may not be necessary to register the firm with the commercial register.

The entrepreneur must particularly take the following points into consideration:

Commercial register

The entrepreneur does not initially expect to achieve a turnover of CHF 100,000. As the owner of the sole proprietorship, the entrepreneur is not obliged to register the business with the comercial register given its nature (Art. 36 ORC). /content/externallinks/kmu/en/savoir-pratique/creation-entreprise/art--36--orc.html

As a naturopath, the entrepreneur requires authorization from the police of the cantons of AI, AR, BE, BL, FR, LU, OW, NW, SO, TG and TI and must present the required documentation (diploma, proficiency certificate and specific examination).

Value Added Tax

The entrepreneur anticipates an annual turnover of between CHF 75,000 and CHF 85,000. The firm is therefore not liable for VAT and does not need to register with the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA) (Art. 10 LTVA). 



If you wish to open a natural medicine practice simply follow the "Nine Steps to Setting up Your Own Business":

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