Gastronomy: Case study on a catering business

A café may contact the economic promotion department of its canton for information on the possibilities for obtaining credit more easily.

Who creates what?

A Swiss person opens an antiques café.

Scope of activity

The particularity of the gastronomic concept is the combination of gastronomy with the sale of antiques.

Chosen legal form/financing

The café has been established as a sole proprietorship. The project has been financed by foreign and stockholders’ equity.

The entrepreneur must take the following points into consideration in particular:

Trade register

The entrepreneur has generated an annual turnover of CHF 150,000 with the sole proprietorship. Entry is the trade register is therefore compulsory (Art. 36 ORC). If the turnover is below CHF 100,000, entry in the trade register is voluntary depending on the business.

Value Added Tax

The entrepreneur has budgeted for an annual turnover of CHF 250,000. A written registration with the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA) must be submitted within 30 days (Art. 66 LTVA).

Economic promotion

The entrepreneur may contact the economic promotion department of the canton for advice. The department will inform the entrepreneur about who to contact to apply for a guarantee which will make it easier to obtain a bank loan.



If you wish to open a café (gastronomic business), 
simply follow the "Nine steps to setting up your own business":

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