The business idea: The basis of any company

To set up your business, you don’t necessarily have to wait until you have a completely new idea. Most entrepreneurs start with products or services they are familiar with. 

Popular opinion dictates that only people who have an ingenious idea become self-employed. But the reality is different. Only a small majority of businesses are based on a truly new idea or invention.

The vast majority of entrepreneurs try their hand at business in a sector which is familiar to them. The explanation for this is simple: someone who has worked successfully for several years in a particular sector, is aware of the requirements and problems of the market in question. Anyone paying attention also knows that contact with clients represents a significant source of information in terms of improvement, product innovation and niche marketing.

Added to this is the fact that those who know a particular sector already have an adapted network and personally know potential clients and suppliers. In the best-case scenario, they are also surrounded by colleagues and qualified and ambitious staff who can help them structure their business.


Last modification 09.04.2021

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