Legal requirements: Minimum legal requirements for articles of association

A company’s articles of association must include at least its company name, corporate purpose, registered office, share capital and the amount paid up by each partner.

Articles of association are required by law for both corporations (SA) and limited liability companies (SARL). The term “articles of association” refers to the basic legal standards applying to a company. The law imposes some basic requirements on these two legal structures (SA: Art. 626 et seq. CO (Swiss Code of Obligations); SARL: Art. 776 et seq. CO (Swiss Code of Obligations)). In addition, articles of association must be must be drawn up in the form of a notarial deed.

The articles of association must include the following information:

  • Company name, corporate purpose, and head office
  • Amount of share capital and amount paid-up by each partner

It is also advisable to include additional points in the articles of association such as information on management, representation, contributions in kind, terms governing capital increases, rights of preemption, etc.



Last modification 26.01.2023

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