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(08.11.2023) In the third quarter of 2023, the Adecco Swiss Job Market index increased by 7% on a yearly basis, driven particularly by the strength of the mechanical, electrical, and metallurgical (MEM) industries sector.

The "Adecco Group Swiss Job Market Index" recorded a slight rebound in the third quarter (+3%) compared to the previous quarter, following a period of stagnation in the first two quarters. This index is a result of collaboration between Adecco Switzerland and the Employment Market Observatory at the University of Zurich.

After several years of fluctuations, mainly due to the Covid pandemic, which led to a 26% decline in job offers between 2019 and 2020, MEM industries continue to expand in 2023 (+19%), albeit more moderately than a year ago (+34%). According to the report authors, the strength of the job market is explained by a significant volume of orders and the persistent shortage of qualified labor.

Furthermore, analyses by specific job categories show that installation and assembly operators (+30%), technicians, automation specialists, and electronic professionals (+24%), engineers (+19%), metalworkers (+14%), and automotive, machinery, and tool mechanics (+14%) experienced the highest annual growth. Nationally, nearly 245,000 people are currently engaged in activities within one of these five categories.

The evolution of MEM industry jobs was calculated based on data from 11 major Swiss job portals and approximately 1,500 company websites to ensure a representative sample in terms of sector and company size.


Last modification 08.11.2023

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