Comparing data using reference points

The second step in analyzing a company’s sustainability measurements is to compare the data recorded in order to ascertain how these measurements change.

Comparing sustainability measurements over time

Measuring a company's environmental performances based on the same criteria at regular intervals makes it possible to compare them and ascertain how these measurements change. To achieve this, it is necessary to establish reference points over time.

Comparing sustainability measurements in different spaces

It is also possible to make comparisons between several production units of the same company in order to improve their overall performances. In this case, it is important to make sure that the data are collected in the same way for each unit and that the standardization factors taken into consideration are the same. The information relating to standardization factors is available in the section entitled “Standardization of environmental performance”:

Comparing sustainability measurements with other companies

Aside from your own company, analysis of the performances of other companies can also provide useful information in terms of sustainability. These data can usually be obtained from trade and industry associations and sometimes even from the companies themselves. However, the greatest vigilance is recommended when comparing external indicators with the company’s internal indicators, since these may show variations.


Last modification 04.11.2021

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