The advantages of ecological production

Engaging in sustainable production enables an SME to improve its yield and environmental performance. The “green” market is worth billions.

For a company, producing in a more environmentally-friendly way represents, above all, a way of creating value. The global “green” market is worth billions today and SMEs play a crucial role on that market. The environment plays an increasingly larger part of the expectations of investors, legislators and consumers.

Responding to this demand not only allows an SME to build a solid reputation, but also to promote innovation, optimize its production and make significant savings. In addition, sustainable development is becoming an important factor in attracting young workers and innovative individuals.

The main advantages of sustainable production

Specifically, SMEs deciding to engage in sustainable production will see their business benefit from improvements on three levels:

Financial performance

  • Increase in sales by anticipating customers’ environmental requirements better than the competition
  • Improvement in efficiency and productivity
  • Reduction in dependence on expensive or hazardous materials

Excellence of the business

  • Being at the cutting edge of legislation by being proactive rather than by complying with legislation after the event
  • Better access to capital by developing innovative solutions and new products for the market
  • Strategic foresight by anticipating innovative solutions for the business

Better relations with stakeholders

  • Improvement in reputation
  • Improvement of team spirit
  • Building better relationships with the whole community by being responsible and proactive in terms of the environment and the people around the company

Source: OECD Sustainable Manufacturing Toolkit (2011)


Last modification 04.11.2021

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