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Numerous institutions offer various forms of support for the creation and development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Here is a selection of the most important ones in Switzerland, in particular those receiving funds from the Confederation and the cantons. 

Setting up a company is an exciting experience, but it can also be a risky one. Several institutions provide support for the creation and development of SMEs in Switzerland. They offer a wide range of services, such as assistance in setting up a company, provision of key economic information, financing of sustainable projects, support for internationalization, etc.

Selection criteria

In order to be listed on this page, organizations and initiatives that support* creators and managers of SMEs and start-ups must meet the following criteria:

  1. The institutions must offer their services in at least two national languages or in one national language plus English.
  2. Institutions supported by the Confederation and/or the cantons are given priority. Examples include associations, foundations, NGOs, umbrella organizations and institutes. 
  3. The services offered by these institutions should not be used for promotional purposes, but should provide added value to SME founders and entrepreneurs.
  4. The offer must fulfill a certain quality level (state of the art). This means that the website of the offer must correspond to the current or the latest state of technical development.

*Please note that the SME Portal team selects from among existing support offers and therefore there is no guarantee that an institution will appear on this page.

Institutions supporting SMEs

  • Economiesuisse

    Economiesuisse is the umbrella organization of Swiss companies. It represents the interests of its members at a political level and provides a wealth of information on current economic issues.

  • Expert Directory

    Database managed by the organization Switzerland Global Enterprise, which lists export and internationalization specialists.


    A low-cost online business creation portal, with targeted advice at each stage of a company's development.

  • Technology Fund

    An organization that provides loans to Swiss companies whose products result in a sustainable reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

  • GastroSuisse

    GastroSuisse, the national association of the hotel and restaurant industry, supports the industry's development with innovative products and services.

  • is an information platform for entrepreneurs, providing advice on legal structures, useful contacts and existing competition.


    Gryps, the online portal for SMEs - guide, advice, comparison of offers. Big companies have internal specialists, small companies have Gryps.

  • IFJ

    The Institute for Young Business Enterprises provides entrepreneurship courses to project leaders and then accompanies them in the practical launch of their start-up.

  • Growth Initiative for SMEs

    Created by the Swiss Economic Forum, this initiative supports growth companies in the areas of strategy, financing and risk management.

  • Innosuisse

    Innosuisse promotes innovation in Switzerland and provides financial and consulting services according to the stage of development and the objectives of each company.


    Because every good idea deserves a chance, we help young entrepreneurs turn their vision into a sustainable business.

  • KMU Next

    Specialized support program for business takeovers, whether intra-family or with third parties.

  • KMU Ratgeber

    Information site offering a series of checklists and specialized articles on economic themes from the everyday life of a company.


    The University of St. Gallen Institute is dedicated to the promotion of SMEs through teaching, further education, research and the promotion of practices.

  • RCE - The Entrepreneurs’ Center

    The Raiffeisen Group's Entrepreneurs’ Center is a platform for advice, networking and events for small and medium-sized businesses in industry and trade.


    Numerous founders trust to ensure that their online company formation is carried out quickly, easily and professionally.


    Aimed at young companies, this program focuses on growth strategies through various resources.


    The online platform offers, among other things, personal interviews and information about its partners who support company start-up costs.


    This information site for entrepreneurs and project leaders relays news about the business world and Swiss companies.


    Delivering a "startbox" to entrepreneurs as they launch their business, this organization accompanies them in their entrepreneurial adventure every step of the way.

  • Switzerland Global Enterprise

    The official organization responsible for promoting exports and Switzerland as a business location supports SMEs in their internationalization.

  • Venture Kick

    Coaching, financial support and networking program for promising university and college entrepreneurs.

  • Venturelab

    Venturelab supports and accompanies start-ups with international development potential.

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