Startup Capital: How do you find the capital to start your SME?

Setting up a company is costly. The entrepreneur must use all possible imaginable means to finance his company.

Acquiring enough startup capital is often difficult, unless you are able to use your own funds or capital from friends and family. If loans from friends and family are not enough, external funds will be necessary. However, entrepreneurs can only expect to receive credit from a bank if they have the necessary collateral.

Business angels, who contribute to start-ups with venture capital, are a rare species in Switzerland (Business Angels).

Planning capital requirements

For an overview of costs involved in setting up a company, consult the check-list below for planning capital requirements.

One-off expenditure Recurring expenditure


  • Administrative costs and costs of requests and authorizations
  • Consultation fees (trust company, lawyer, adviser)
  • Training for entrepreneurs/coaching

Architectural investment

  • New building
  • Restructuring, renovations

Administrative investment

  • Vehicles
  • PC (hardware, software, installation)
  • Fitting out offices (desks, chairs, etc.)
  • Phones, fax, photocopier, cell phone, answering machine (costs for equipment and installation)

Production investment

  • Technical installations, machines (equipment)
  • Installation


  • Storage for two to three months (first purchases)

Marketing and advertising (startup)

  • Company sign, signs, neon signs
  • Stationery (letterhead, business cards, folders, work by graphic designers)
  • Company portrait and brochure (graphic designer, photographer, lithographer, printing)
  • Presentation space
  • Website (design)

Marketing and advertising

  • Mailing
  • Client events
  • Press/PR
  • Advertising
  • Website (maintenance)

Operating/administration charges

  • Vehicle maintenance
  • IT maintenance (consultation, updates)
  • Phone installation and costs (maintenance, contract, taxes)
  • Internet costs
  • Photocopier service costs (paper, maintenance)
  • Leasing payment
  • Repairs
  • Transport
  • Electricity
  • Cleaning
  • Bank interest and charges
  • Rent, including utilities and heating

Production expenses

  • Machines and upkeep of installations (maintenance, overhauls, repairs)
  • Electricity, water and residual water
  • Rent (including utilities and heating)
  • Leasing payment 

Staff costs, insurance, consultations

  • CEO’s salary
  • Employees’ salaries
  • Social security and personal insurance contributions (Old-Age and Survivors' Insurance – OASI, Unemployment Insurance, Occupational Pension Insurance – OP, daily allowances, Accident Insurance – UV)
  • Miscellaneous insurance (fire, suspension of business activity, etc.)
  • Trust company, lawyer, company adviser
  • Association membership fees


Last modification 11.04.2024

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