Checklist: Starting a corporation (SA)

Establishing a corporation (SA) is done in several steps, all of which are critical. Below is a checklist so you don’t forget anything.

  • Budget for start-up costs
  • Decide the company name, clarify with the trade register
  • Register with the trade register
  • Capital stock and allocation: specify payment date
  • Set up the administrative bodies: board of directors, auditors, authorized signatories
  • Choose the bank for the share escrow account; open said account
  • Draft the incorporation documents, articles of association, etc.
  • Submit the incorporation documents to the notary and the trade register to be checked and for possible correction
  • Request an auditor’s approval
  • Organize the inauguration of the company
  • Pay up in full capital stock to the bank (upon presentation of the extract from the trade register)
  • Issue share certificates; start keeping the share register
  • If you have employees (as a founder, you also count as an employee), register with the Old-Age and Survivors' Insurance (OASI) compensation fund and take out mandatory Occupational Pension insurance (OP) and Accident insurance (UV) policies
  • Inform the Swiss Federal Tax Administration (FTA) that your corporation will be collecting VAT.


Last modification 26.04.2021

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