Foreign nationals

Foreign nationals (from outside the EU) need a permit to work in Switzerland. Only a restricted number of applicants are issued this permit. 

Only a restricted number of foreign workers are issued a work permit for Switzerland. The permit application process is lengthy, with a large number of admission criteria. Among the most decisive is the applicant’s level of qualifications.

In some cases, admissions may be facilitated, particularly in the case of collaboration and projects between different companies, transfer of managerial staff or work placements and training. However, it is not enough to have a job offer in Switzerland to be issued a work permit or to be entitled to move to Switzerland.

Work permit applications must be filed by the employer with the cantonal authority responsible for that labor market or, depending on the canton, with the relevant migration authority. A visa is also required for nationals from certain countries (to be applied for with the Swiss diplomatic representation abroad).


Last modification 30.09.2021

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