Services provided by Switzerland Global Enterprise to SMEs

To support SMEs in their export activities, Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) provides various types of free or paid services, ranging from basic information to business development trips.

Here are some examples of services provided by Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE):

  • Basic information. Country information (customs rules, national rules, etc.), newsletter, etc.
  • Expert Directory. This is an online database containing the names of hundreds of private experts in the globalization of business. Companies can search for an expert by country, sector or type of skill.
  • Support with organizing stands at international trade fairs.
  • Market research. The organization provides companies with specialist and individual analyses on request. There are several types of market research, more or less advanced, depending on the specific needs of SMEs.
  • Business development trips. Companies can take part in trips organized by S-GE overseas with a view to exploring new markets.
  • Foreign public procurement. SMEs can participate in various public calls for tender overseas. They can find information about this on the online database, which brings together various Swiss and international tender notifications. More detailed information can also be obtained directly from embassies and Swiss Business Hubs.
  • Enterprise Europe Network (EEN). S-GE is one of the two Swiss agencies of the EEN, a network set up by the European Union to support SMEs in Europe. S-GE provides, in particular, information about EU legislation and regulation.
  • Swiss Business Hubs. S-GE has agencies overseas in order to provide assistance to companies operating outside the borders.

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Last modification 07.08.2018

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