Swiss societies concerned about climate change

Solar panels on the roof of a building.

(10.01.2024) Business leaders consider climate change a priority. According to Deloitte's CxO Sustainability Report, almost half of them (40%) rank it among the three most significant concerns for the future of their businesses.

Climate change holds the third position among the issues that most worry Swiss businesses, following supply chain challenges and economic outlook. Three-quarters of them state that they have increased their sustainable investments in the last year, with more than a quarter (28%) doing so significantly.

Close to two-thirds (64%) of executives believe that climate will have a significant impact on their business strategies in the next three years, compared to 61% globally. Most respondents have already observed negative repercussions on their businesses due to climate change.

Swiss companies are also more exposed than the global average to issues related to resource scarcity, the costs of climate change mitigation measures, emissions regulation, and pressure from shareholders and civil society.

Only 61% of executives express optimism about the world's ability to take measures to avoid the most harmful effects of climate change, a significantly lower figure than the global average (78%).

Economic stakeholders are expected to play a role in the collective effort to combat climate change. Notably, the pressure stems from authorities (64%), civil society (63%), board members (61%), and customers (60%).

Less than a third of executives (27%) view achieving a "fair transition", whereby the substantial benefits of transitioning to a green economy are fairly shared, as "extremely significant" for their companies.


Last modification 10.01.2024

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