Training strongly impacts salary levels

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(25.01.2023) The median income of employees with professional education and training (PET) has increased significantly. According to the Federal Statistical Office (FSO), they earn a median salary of CHF 7,800 six years after graduation.

The study conducted by the SFO included individuals trained between 2013 and 2021. For the first time, the survey was able to evaluate how the income of these employees has evolved, starting five years before they obtained a PET diploma, and ending six years after. This median income increased overall by CHF 2,500, a 46% increase over eleven years.

The term "PET" encompasses three types of education: Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education (DF), Federal Diploma of Higher Education (BF) and Higher Education Diploma (ES). The results show that the DF leads to a median income of CHF 10,100 six years after graduation, which is 58% higher than the median income five years before graduation. The BF and ES offer, respectively, a median income of CHF 7,800 (+45%) and CHF 7,500 (+53%).

However, the increase in median income varies by field. For ES graduates, the most lucrative field is "management and administration" (CHF 8,700), for BF graduates it is "finance, banking and insurance" (CHF 8,200) and for DFs it is "accounting, marketing and secretarial work" (CHF 11,700).

However, the "service to individuals" field has the lowest median income for FPS graduates: CHF 6'300 for ES graduates and CHF 6'700 for BF graduates.

In addition, income differences between men and women are also observed among FPS degree holders. The difference between the median income of the two groups amounts to about CHF 1,100 for a full-time position, a gap of 16%, of which only about half is attributable to differences in the field of study.


Last modification 25.01.2023

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