Professional training: SEFRI initiatives

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To promote the creation of a qualified labor force, the State Secretariat for Training, Research and Innovation has launched various initiatives. Here is a presentation.

Here is how the SEFRI and its partners support professional training:

Cantonal Professional Training Offices

Would you like to train apprentices, or do you have questions about professional training? The Cantonal Professional Training Offices will advise you and provide you with customized support (Liste der kantonalen Berufsbildungsämter (only in german)).

Manual for Training in an Enterprise

Do you train apprentices? In the “Manual for Training in an Enterprise”, you will find many tools such as reminders, checklists and forms.

Training Enterprise Networks

Some enterprises cannot provide complete training of an apprentice due to limited resources or a specialization that is too high to offer an overall view of a profession. The Training Enterprise Networks make it possible to bring together several enterprises to offer joint apprenticeship positions. For questions on how to create such a network, see: Lehrbetriebsverbünde (only in german).

Professional Training Portal

Are you a participant in professional training or would you like to become a participant? The portal FORMATIONPROFESSIONNELLEPLUS.CH gives you access to the most important information, as well as advice and links.

Mobility Programs

Would you like to benefit from the experience of others? The Fondation ch for confederal cooperation offers a rich array of exchanges and mobility programs, both in Switzerland and abroad. This organization supports enterprises as well as young people so that the experience benefits everyone (Movetia | Exchange and mobility).


Last modification 27.03.2020

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