Putting a “sustainability” team together at an SME

An entrepreneur wanting to engage in sustainable development should put together a competent, motivated team—this is a crucial step.

In enlisting the help of a “sustainability” team, i.e. a team interested in sustainable development that is also motivated and solid, entrepreneurs have a guarantee of in-house support. First, they must draw up a list of all employees who have some knowledge of sustainable development and who are familiar with the company. They can then give their opinion on the improvements to be made and help make the most beneficial and suitable decisions for the SME.

When choosing the team members, the entrepreneur must ensure that the various departments of the SME are represented. The people selected should have knowledge of the expectations of the production chain, the customers and the population living in the vicinity of the company.

There is no ideal number of members on this team—the most important factors should be the employees’ knowledge of sustainable development and their available time.

Agreeing on the goals

The team then needs to ensure that their ambitions are the same. As a guideline, here are three aspects that can be used as a basis for discussions:

Graphic. Shows the three levels of discussion for the purpose of defining the sustainability goals of a business

Source: OECD guidelines on sustainable production


Last modification 31.05.2021

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