Ten steps to a successful business plan

To create a good business plan, a certain number of criteria should be met. Here is an example in ten key steps.

  1. Ascertain why you are drawing up a business plan (fresh start, business purchase, etc.)
  2. Form a project group
  3. Establish the approach to be adopted (who does what, when, etc.)
  4. Gather together basic information using the checklist “What you need for a comprehensive business plan”
  5. Find any missing documents
  6. Develop strategies and measures for the various sectors of the business
  7. Draw up a first draft of the business plan (see “Templates”)
  8. Check the plausibility of data and estimates
  9. Rework the business plan in terms of graphics and wording
  10. Have the project group adopt the plan

Last modification 15.02.2020

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