Registration costs with the commercial register

The costs of registering with the commercial register very much depend on the legal structure chosen.

Below are the costs to be considered (approximate amounts):

Sole proprietorship CHF 80 (basic fee)
Joint partnership/General partnership CHF 160 (basic fee)
Limited company/Limited liability company (SARL)* CHF 420 (basic fee)
Cooperative company/Association CHF 280 (basic fee)
Signing authority CHF 20 (per registration)
Registration of a position CHF 20 (per registration)
Preparation of a request for registration up to CHF 120
Preparation/authentication of proof of registration up to CHF 120
Legal information/Assessment of documentary evidence between CHF 100 and CHF 250 per hour

Details of the fees can be found in the Ordinance on Commercial Register Fees and on the website of the competent commercial register.



Last modification 07.07.2022

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