Figures on SMEs: Total revenue

Swiss industry total revenue continues to grow after experiencing a drop during the 2008 financial crisis.

Despite increasing international competition and pressure from Frankfurt, the secondary sector has recovered since the financial crisis began in 2008. Its total revenue exceeded its 2007 level, an encouraging result for companies in the sector.

Change in the total revenue of companies in the secondary sector, excluding construction
Source: FSO, Industry production, orders and revenue statistics, 2nd quarter 2018 (quarterly update)

Detailed data on the total revenue of each branch of the secondary sector is available on the FSO site:

Currently, the FSO does not count all branches in the tertiary sector and, therefore, does not have an overall index of the total revenue for this sector. However, changes in retail are followed on a monthly basis.

Change in total revenue for retail trade, in real terms
Source: FSO, Statistics on total retail trade revenue in July 2018 (monthly update)

Secondary and tertiary sectors: Definitions

The secondary sector covers extractive and manufacturing industries, production and distribution of electricity, gas and water, and construction. The tertiary sector covers services such as retail trade, wholesale trade, restaurants and even telecommunications.

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Last modification 30.10.2018

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