KMU Swiss Event: knowledge transfer and exchange of experience

KMU Swiss Event (, in German only) is an organisation offering a variety of events on topics relevant to SMEs with emphasis on business administration and technology. It thus contributes to the knowledge transfer between SMEs. A main objective of KMU Swiss Event is to provide a platform allowing SME owners and managers to broaden and deepen their high-quality business network

Target audience

With its activities, KMU Swiss Event focuses on owners and managers of SMEs.

Products and services

  • Organisation of one-day forums on SME-relevant topics
  • Organisation of practice-oriented after work events in a company
  • Organisation of late afternoon events on specific topics (round tables)
  • Planning and execution of studies
  • Composition of specialised publications on current business administration and / or technology topics
  • Organisation and delivery of workshops and training courses


The KMU Swiss Event platform has made a good name for itself on a regional level in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. Events with a deliberately low number of participants allow for a strong practical orientation and great individual benefit.

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Last modification 27.02.2020

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