Switzerland Global Enterprise: support for company export activities

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Switzerland Global Enterprise, the center of competence for the promotion of foreign trade in Switzerland, offers various services supporting SMEs.

Mandated by the Confederation, Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) supports Swiss companies, in particular SMEs, in their export activities. The agency complements private initiatives, providing three types of service:

  • Basic information. S-GE offers basic information to SMEs wishing to establish themselves in new markets overseas. Its website contains advice, expert databases and useful articles. The experts at the S-GE services center also assess requests from companies on a daily basis.
  • Basic advice. S-GE also supports companies that already have a specific idea of their export strategy and would like to assess their chance of success. During information days or personalized interviews, the agency provides specialist advisers in the target countries.
  • Detailed advice. And lastly, when a company is nearly ready to launch itself in a country but is still lacking detailed information or contacts, S-GE can facilitate this step in close cooperation with its branch offices, the Swiss Business Hubs. Possible services include a tailor-made market analysis, the search for contacts or the organisation of a business trip to the target market. 

For specific examples of services, see:

On the largest traditional and emerging markets, S-GE manages the Swiss Business Hubs (SBH), preferential contacts for Swiss SMEs overseas. Most of these are based in Swiss diplomatic representations. For more information about SBH, see:


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