Assessing the health of your company

How well is your company doing? Is it healthy? It is in debt? To find out, simply answer the following questions.

To get an overview of your company's health, simply answer the following questions (checklist available to download opposite). You need to distinguish between questions, depending on whether your answer is affirmative (yes), negative (no) or uncertain (don’t know). Do you consider your company to be in good health?

  • Can you name an area in which you are one step ahead of the competition?
  • Does this area show significant growth potential for your company?
  • Do your employees (i.e. their motivation/know-how/experience/customer-focus) contribute to maintaining the health of your company?
  • Is your company in good health because it is in step with customer requirements?
  • Is your company's health due to its network with other partner companies?
  • Are you part of an experience-exchange group with colleagues who share the same ideas?
  • Do the following factors contribute to the health of your company?
    • Products of irreproachable quality
    • Products that are good value for money
    • Immediate availability of products
    • Customer-focused services
    • Process-focused structure
  • Are customer requirements taken into consideration?
  • Is customer and process knowledge systematically taken into account?
  • Does your company have a clear corporate culture?
  • Do your employees know what you consider important as company manager?
  • Is your company innovative?
  • Does your company have a traditional structure?
  • Are you and your employees involved in skills development programs?
  • Do you have time to spend on your ideas with a view to promoting innovation?
  • Do you give your employees enough room for maneuver in terms of creativity?

Now categorize your answers, i.e. “yes”, “no”, “don’t know”, in the table below, according to their importance for your company:

Positive points Negative points
Very important (areas to be strengthened) Very important for the future (areas to be improved)
Less important Less important

Source: "Innovationen im Kleinunternehmen", Swiss Research Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, University of St. Gallen.

Are you now wondering whether the result really matches the image you have of your company? Next, consult another person familiar with the company to get a second opinion. Your company's “bill of health” shows you the main steps to follow to engage in targeted innovation.

The following two questions are essential:

  • How can I strengthen my company's positive areas?
  • How can I reduce or eliminate the negative aspects?

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Last modification 27.09.2019

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