Open Government Data: Turning public information into gold

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Switzerland encourages and facilitates free access to information produced by administrations and its use. The aim is to enable the emergence of an open and prosperous information economy. Companies can take advantage of this.

Swiss public administrations collect a large amount of information, whether statistical, geographic, environmental or meteorological. Furthermore, it can be interesting for third parties to exploit. To this end, the Open Government Data (OGD) project was created with the objective of making it possible to use all of this information freely.

The portal, launched online in February 2016, enables administrations and other organizations with a governmental mission to make information available to the public. This platform replaces the pilot project It is administered by the Federal Archives and has federal offices, cantons and the Federal Chancellery among its partners.

Open Government Data Strategy 2019-2023

The "Open Government Data Strategy for Switzerland from 2019 to 2023" was approved by the Federal Council on November 30, 2018. Its aim is to make data from the public administration, parastatals, cantons, municipalities or cities available to the public via the portal. The purpose of this is to reinforce transparency, participation and innovation in all areas of society in a sustainable and secure manner.

Five main objectives

There are five main objectives:

  • To promote the coordinated publication of data, both thematically and organizationally
  • To guarantee the quality of data and its description using standardized metadata
  • To continue operation of the centralized portal
  • To create and use a central register of official data
  • To encourage everyone to use data.

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Last modification 21.01.2022

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