Figures on SMEs: Closing of companies

Establishing a company also involves running the risk of failure. After a few years, some entrepreneurs are forced to shut down.

According to the FSO Business demography statistics, the average survival rate of new businesses in Switzerland is 83.9% after a year of existence. Thus, nearly 33,000 companies created ‘ex-nihilo’ in 2017 were still active in 2018.

If we look at companies created in 2013, the survival chances are one year and is slightly higher in the secondary sector: 84.6% survived in 2014 compared to 83.8% in the tertiary sector. After two years of existence, the trend is reversed. Businesses in the tertiary sector show a survival rate of 70.9% in 2015 compared to 70.6% in the secondary sector then 61.8% in the tertiary sector and 60.9% in the secondary one after three years of existence. After five years of existence, these values reach 49.3% in the tertiary sector and 48.4% in the secondary sector.

FSO, Statistics on business demography 2013-2018 (next publication: December 2021)


In 2020, 12'912 cases filing for corporate and personal bankruptcy proceedings were recorded under the Federal Debt Enforcement and Bankruptcy Act (LP), i.e. 928 cases less than in 2019 (-6,7%).


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