venturelab: World-class Startups. Swiss made.

venturelab is the supporting program for Switzerland’s best startup talents. Since 2004, startups have benefited from a unique international industry network and access to leading investors. Today, a great number of innovative venturelab startups are truly global ventures and they are strongly growing at an international level, i.e. Abionic, BioVersys, Covagen, Climeworks, Doodle, GetYourGuide, InSphero, L.E.S.S., QualySense and Poken. Last year, 69 venturelab alumni made it to the TOP100 Swiss startups. The fully private initiative venturelab is supported by industrial partners such as BKW, Swiss Post and Swisscom as well as successful founders who actively engage themselves as mentors or Business Angels for venturelab startups. venturelab’s international roadshows and business development programs such as venture leaders bring the best Swiss startups from Silicon Valley to Boston, from New York to Shanghai or from Peking to Cape Town.

Targeted groups

The offer from venturelab is targeted at ambitious startups that have the potential to grow internationally. They are supported by successful founders and experts in all domains of innovation.

Offer and products

  • Identification of startup talents
  • Support through free workshops in all domains (Startup Essential Workshops)
  • With the help of successful founders, the young entrepreneurs receive useful advice and information and they can enlarge their network (Founders Secrets)
  • A unique international network of leading industry players and investors (venture leaders)
  • Exchanging, networking and mentoring with successful founders, experts and investors (Founders Circle)


As a fully private initiative, venturelab supports Switzerland’s best startup talents that have the ambition and the potential to grow internationally. Since 2004, the startups have been helped by successful founders, leading industry players and investors. venturelab is also about entrepreneurs engaging themselves for other entrepreneurs. The initiative brings startups in the radar of leading experts in all the domains of innovation, and enables business opportunities. Thanks to workshops, networking and mentoring activities, the best Swiss startup talents can grow. And international programs bring them to Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Boston, New York, Berlin, Rio de Janeiro, Bangalore or Silicon Valley.

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