Venture Kick: CHF 150‘000 in pre-seed capital for spin-offs

Venture Kick is a philanthropic initiative of a private consortium and is organized as a foundation hosted by «Kick Foundation». As an umbrella foundation, it is monitored by the Swiss Federal Supervisory Board of Foundations. The Venture Kick Foundation gave a mandate to IFJ Institut für Jungunternehmen for the operation of the initiative. Venture Kick ( helps potential entrepreneurs by giving them the opportunity to win up to CHF 150’000 in pre-seed capital. The selected startups also benefit from business development workshops, the kickers camps, and an access to early stage investors.

Targeted groups

Venture Kick aims at the early identification, structuring and promotion of promising business ideas with a clear vision: to double the number of spin-offs at Swiss universities, to accelerate the time-to-market and to raise the attractiveness of these young companies for professional investors. Thanks to Venture Kick, entrepreneurs learn how to win customers and convince investors more rapidly. They benefit from hands-on execution bootcamps (the kickers camps) and a quick access to extensive business networks. The program is opened to young talents with innovative business ideas, who have not yet founded their company and are still enrolled or employed at Swiss academic institutions: students, postgraduates, researchers and professors.

Offer and products

  • CHF 150‘000 in pre-seed capital
  • The entrepreneurs learn how to present their idea to investors and win their first customers in intensive trainings (the kickers camps)
  • They get in contact with leading early stage investors and industry experts
  • Visibility and presence in the media for the startup projects


Since 2007, Venture Kick offers pre-seed capital, coaching and access to a network of early stage investors and industry experts to spin-off projects from Swiss academic institutions. Venture Kick is working in close collaboration with all Swiss universities and relevant organizations in the field of high tech entrepreneurship. A strong link to these organizations is established thanks to the jury pool consisting of more than a hundred important individuals representing the Swiss startup ecosystem. Venture Kick helps future women entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs with an access to pre-seed capital of up to CHF 150'000. Discover the many successes of the Venture Kick alumni in the annual report (


Last modification 02.12.2021

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