KMU Ratgeber: helpful tools for established companies

Supported by well-known companies, (in German only) offers online self assessment tools for businesses as well as a merger and acquisition platform and other useful checklists and specialised articles on the most important business management topics.

Target audience mainly addresses executives of already established SMEs. However, especially the “Tools” area with its checklists and specialised articles on different topics proves very useful also for young entrepreneurs.

Products and services

Website including:

  • Tools allowing an online assessment of your company
  • Online credit rating
  • Broad choice of checklists and specialised articles on different business management topics
  • Merger and acquisition platform
  • Experts database


The most useful part of the website is the area providing a wealth of checklists and specialised articles on topics such as organisation, staff, marketing / PR, research & development, finances, production as well as supplies & logistics. Almost all aspects are covered from designing a market analysis to organising a media conference and conducting an appraisal interview. The online assessment, on the other hand, is not as helpful as the suggested measures are either very abstract or only realisable with the help of an (external) specialist. The online credit rating too is more likely to be of use to financial experts only. In addition, it remains unclear how the choice of “experts”, which can be searched for by industry or region, was made.

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Last modification 30.03.2021

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