KMU Next: everything on corporate succession planning

Supported by the State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (seco), KMU Next is a platform for entrepreneurs who want to acquire or transfer a SME. (in German only) informs on the topic of corporate succession and offers a platform with opportunities for takeover, investment and cooperation; it supports studies and events and tables parliamentary motions and publications in order to achieve a succession-friendly tax practice.

Target audience

KMU Next focuses on entrepreneurs who want to transfer or acquire a SME.

Products and services

  • Organisation of courses, seminars and events
  • Online market place for the acquisition or sale of companies or business units as well as the arrangement of cooperations
  • Online tools on topics such as due diligence, company rating and tax
  • Checklists, sample documents, specialised articles


The KMU Next portal focuses on all relevant aspects of acquiring and selling SMEs and its website offers a wealth of practical information on the subject. It is complemented by a wide choice of courses, seminars and events. A special feature on the website is a user-friendly virtual market place which allows to initiate an acquisition, sale or a cooperation of / between SMEs.

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Last modification 27.02.2020

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