Innosuisse: boosting the innovative power of SMEs

Innosuisse is the Swiss Innovation Agency. By making financial contributions to innovation projects, advising companies on innovation-related issues and supporting networks that bring research and industry together, it promotes the development of economic performance based on scientific research.

Target groups

Innosuisse’s funding instruments are specifically aimed at SMEs that want to carry out an innovation project in partnership with one or more research institutions.

Services and products

  1. Funding of innovation projects
    Innosuisse contributes up to 50% of the project costs for joint innovation projects carried out by SMEs working with research institutions. The requirements for funding are a high degree of innovation, a good chance that the idea would be feasible on the market and a well-structured project plan. The funding goes directly to the research partner and the SME covers the remaining project costs. Every year, several hundred projects of this kind receive an average of CHF 330,000 in funding.
  2. Innovation cheque: financing feasibility studies
    Innosuisse provides SMEs with easy access to the world of science-based innovation funding. With the innovation cheque, research services costing up to CHF 15,000 can be purchased from a research partner to test the feasibility of an idea, for example.
  3. Advice from innovation mentorsInnosuisse innovation mentors are available to support SMEs. These advisors help them to assess their innovation project, find research partners and prepare Innosuisse funding applications.
  4. Networking through NTNs
    The eleven National Thematic Networks are nationwide networks specialising in a specific innovation topic which can help Swiss SMEs looking to innovate to gain access to research and infrastructure.


With the help of Innosuisse, SMEs can easily gain access to the knowledge and resources offered by research services to strengthen their market positions.  Innosuisse is committed to giving SMEs the scope to take calculated risks and promotes a disruptive approach to problem-solving. By promoting innovative business models and forging international partnerships, Innosuisse opens up new horizons for SMEs. The focus is particularly on protecting intellectual property. Thanks to its funding, Innosuisse helps to create jobs that add significant value and boost our prosperity.


Last modification 27.02.2020

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