www.gruenden.ch: helpful online advice for company founders

www.gruenden.ch (only partly in English) is initiated and operated by the Canton of Zurich and provides comprehensive information about founding a company. The majority of the website’s content is not canton specific and thus generally valid. On the one hand, the site provides useful tips for the early stages of the foundation (e.g. business idea, market opportunities and founders’ profile). One the other hand, it includes detailed information and sample documents such as a business plan and a checklist for setting up a company. A wealth of additional information, useful addresses and contacts make the service complete.

Target audience

www.gruenden.ch basically addresses all those who consider setting up a company or continuing with a recently founded company. Most information does not focus on a particular business sector; all in all, however, there is an emphasis on the high-tech sector.

Products and services

The website contains:

  • General overview of setting up a company (business idea, market opportunities, founders’ profile)
  • Detailed information on founding a company (step by step)
  • Online comparison of different legal structures
  • Checklists for setting up a company or drawing up a business plan etc
  • Start-up brochure (pdf download, in German only)
  • List of links leading to sites of institutions providing detailed information about company founding


www.gruenden.ch is a highly recommendable platform for people who have vague or concrete plans to set up a company. The site provides a general overview of the most frequent legal structures as well as detailed information on specific business sectors. The structure is clear and systematic, and the contents can be accessed by different links, e.g. alphabetical or via founder-specific criteria (business sector, start-up or succession plan). On each page, there are links to highly user-friendly and helpful additional sources of information. Another highlight is the online comparison between two legal business structures that can be chosen freely. www.gruenden.ch is a source of information. Sooner or later, however, a personal conversation with an expert or an experienced entrepreneur will be necessary in most cases in order to throw light on the business idea from different angles. The corresponding links or a personal call at the local business development office may help.


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