a practical online business creation tool

Appgobiz is an online business creation tool for all those who are interested in starting a business. The tool in German and French is valid at national level.

It enables all business creators to be supported by Swiss legislation in all stages of the project; (Analysis of ideas, market analysis, legal form, financing, business model, business plan); from the phases of reflection to their concrete phases through examples, tools and information. The tool also gives a multitude of complementary links, addresses, tips and tricks.

Target Audience

appgobiz is for:

  • Self-taught entrepreneurs who want to start a business on their own;
  • Young and future entrepreneurs looking for information and need guidance;
  • Secondary and tertiary schools with projects for the creation of real or virtual microenterprises.

By helping them translating their ideas and creativity into a company.

Products and Services

appgobiz covers the following topics:

  • General information (Swisseconomic fabric, legislation, entrepreneur profile)
  • Explicit process (development of ideas, vision, strategy, actions, choice of legal form, different possibilities of protection, financing, budget, accounting)
  • Development of Business Model, Value Proposition and Business Plan


appgobiz is a recommended tool for anyone interested in starting a business. The site is structured in a clear and didactic way and is organized into 9 modules corresponding to the different themes. A user guide and numerous annexes are also available on the site.


Last modification 27.02.2020

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