Protecting food and the environment

Various labels, such as Agri Natura and Climatop, control organic farming and food quality.

The Bourgeon Bio/Bio Suisse Bourgeon label

The Bud Label (Le Bourgeon) Bio Swiss

The Bourgeon label, a Bio Suisse mark, guarantees that all farming production and the entire product processing phase is organic. The Bio Suisse Bourgeon label guarantees that at least 90% of a product’s raw materials are of Swiss origin. The Bourgeon label means that over 10% of raw materials are imported. These are subject to directives and controls equivalent to those covering Swiss Bourgeon products. Products passing through a two-year transition from conventional production to organic farming bear the Bourgeon de Reconversion label. And lastly, the Bourgeon Gourmet label applies to products awarded quality prizes.

Agri Natura

The label Agri Natura

The Agri Natura label guarantees environmentally-friendly animal breeding, appropriate to the species, with natural GMO-free feed and short travel distances in good conditions.

IP Suisse

The IP Swiss ladybird symbol

The IP Suisse ladybug symbol guarantees the very high quality of the food bearing its label and domestic, natural, sustainable, environmentally friendly production, biodiversity and protection of resources, as well as compliance with animal protection principles.


The German federal label Bio-siegel

A Federal German label intended for food produced from controlled organic farming. The symbol is based on the requirements of the CE environmental order.


Swiss label Climatop

The Swiss label “approved by Climatop” is for products and services which are more environmentally friendly than comparable products in the same category.


International label for the products of Demeter controlled biodynamic agriculture

An international label for controlled biodynamic agricultural products. The Demeter directives meet and exceed the requirements of the CE environmental order. In addition, the Bio Suisse directives are also applicable. Some biodynamic agriculture criteria are based on anthroposophical principles.


Label German organic Naturland

A German label intended for products produced by controlled organic farming. The Naturland directives go further than the EU organic certification. Since 2005, Naturland has also complied with employment-related directives.


Naturemade quality label

Naturemade is a quality label designed for energy produced in an environmentally friendly way (Naturemade Star) and for energy from renewable sources (Naturemade Basic). It is issued by VUE, the association for environmentally friendly energy.

Blue Flag

Pavillon Bleu logo

The Blue Flag label is an international label given to beaches and marinas for their water quality, public education about the environment, environmental management (sorting of waste) and safety. Compliance with all mandatory and as many non-mandatory criteria as possible is required.

Blue Angel

L'Ange Bleu logo

The German environmental label guarantees that products are verified by an independent body in terms of conformity with environmental criteria. This label is issued to products and services which are particularly environmentally friendly and which meet very strict criteria in terms of protecting health and safety of use. For raw materials, their production, use, life and processing are significant aspects of this certification.

European environmental label (Euroblume; EU-Ecolabel)

Euroblume European environmental label

A European label intended for non-harmful and non-polluting products. A distinction issued in Europe to products which, compared to other products in the same category, have less impact on the environment.


ok-power label

The Ok-Power label guarantees that green electricity suppliers offer “an extra environmental advantage”. This may mean new power plants based on renewable energies or efficient gas turbine cogeneration power plants conforming to quantified minimum conditions.


Natureplus label

Natureplus is an international quality label applied to products which are environmentally friendly and sustainable in terms of housing and building, protect health and are functional.


ÖkoControl label

The ÖkoControl label is applied to furniture, mattresses and bedding certified as free of toxic substances following testing by accredited independent laboratories. Only products originating from renewable raw materials (wood, cotton, linen, natural latex, etc.) are tested.


Öko-Tex label

The Öko-Tex standard is an independent testing and certification system intended for textile products at all processing stages (fibers, threads, fabrics, manufactured finished products, including accessories) along the textile value creation chain.


Label QS

The QS label covers fresh foods such as meat, charcuterie, fruit, vegetables and potatoes. It is awarded subject to compliance with statutory requirements at all levels and with certain additional criteria.

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Last modification 27.09.2019

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