Abbreviations for technical inspections

Some labels, such as GS, are concerned with the safety of appliances and products. Others focus on their energy consumption.

Geprüfte Sicherheit

GS label

The GS (safety tested) label attests that a product complies with the requirements of the German law on the safety of appliances and products (GPSG), defined, for example, in the regulations for the prevention of professional association accidents, in the DIN and E standards or in other generally recognized technical rules.


Energy Star label

Label marking the energy efficiency of computer, office and leisure electronic equipment.

Energy Label

Etiquette Energie

The energy consumption, along with other energy characteristics, of electrical appliances has to be declared in Switzerland using the Energy Label. Using a European standardized measurement procedure, appliances are categorized A to G according to their energy efficiency.

TCO (92, 95, 99, 01, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07)

TCO label

International label identifying computer screens, mobile telephones, office furniture, laptops, earphones and printers which are particularly environmentally friendly, ergonomic and energy-efficient.

Minergie/ Minergie-ECO/ Minergie-P

Minergie label

MINERGIE defines and categorizes goods and services that contribute to encouraging rational use of energy and renewable energies while improving quality of life, guaranteeing competitiveness and reducing environmental pollution. Minergie-Eco and Minergie-P are extensions of the Minergie standard.

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Last modification 17.10.2019

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