Costs and completion of a management system audit or certification

The costs incurred by certification can vary enormously. They depend on various factors that must be taken into consideration by the certification body when drawing up its offer.

To determine the costs of a required certification, an offer must be requested from one or more certification bodies. It is important to have clearly determined the type of certification required (management system, person, product, process or service) and to contact the corresponding certification bodies. You can easily find accredited certification bodies and information about the area in which they are accredited on the website of the Swiss Accreditation Service. 

Management system certification

There are two phases in the management system certification process: the development and introduction of the management system and the audit of the said system by an external certification body.

During the development phase, an internal team is responsible for creating and implementing the management system. For this, it is mainly necessary to have internal resources which, depending on requirements and available experience, may be supported by external advisory services.

If the company is ready for certification, an external certification body handles the audit.

The quality of audits and certifications depends largely on the competence of the certification body’s personnel, the appropriateness of the duration of the audit and the accuracy of the audit report. In principle, the body only grants certification if the requirements relating to the compliance, aptitude and effectiveness of the management system implemented are indisputably met.

Source: Swiss Accreditation Service SAS, last changed: 06/29/2016




Certification Body
This independent third-party organization is tasked with conducting conformity audits and issuing certificates and certifications of conformity.

Last modification 05.03.2020

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