Using specialist engineers

Example of an external consultation offer of the “technical and industry” working group of Conseil du SIA (BZTI).

Due to the explosion in tech developments, and the increasingly significant stakes on the economic, environmental and social fronts, IT architecture and engineering tasks are not only very demanding, but also subject to constant change.

Conseil du SIA, founded in 2006 by the “technical and industry” working group (BZTI), also focuses on inter-disciplinary work in collaboration with highly qualified staff. The center in question provides consultancy services at the highest level in the following areas, among others: building technique, energy, IT, communication, production technology, security, logistics, etc.

Specific solutions

Priority is given to the development of specific customer-focused solutions. The most typical services of Conseil du SIA are: development with the prospect of technical adaptation of product ideas, development of technical details, preparation of plans concerning available mechanisms and technologies, and project management, to name just a few.

The offer of Conseil du SIA lends itself particularly to small and medium-sized enterprises, insofar as their resources with regard to strategic work are usually limited, which dictates a need for solutions that are effective, quick to implement and low-cost. The staff of Conseil du SIA is made up of professionals in their sectors, carefully selected by a team of over 1,000 experts.

The center for technical/industry consultancy is based at the General Secretariat of the SIA in Zurich (tel.: +41 44 283 15 28).


Last modification 20.07.2018

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