Seeking customer feedback

Innovation is only useful if it meets the expectations of your customers. It is therefore worth seeking their opinion and asking for their ideas. 

  1. Innovation management and customer integration are two closely linked concepts: the value of a product or service will depend on its usefulness. Hence the importance of calling on both internal and external idea contributors.
  2. Observe your customers and ask them about their requirements. Make a note of these requirements and map them.
  3. Apart from reactions (input) from the customer base, other factors come into play, such as innovation strategy, available resources and skills, predisposition to risk, etc.
  4. The systematic management of ideas means that companies can respond promptly to customer requirements.
  5. Portfolio representations constitute an instrument which is useful for the selection and visualization of ideas. Priority will clearly lie with the best ideas, which will then be assessed in the context of the business plan before being put into practice.

Last modification 20.07.2018

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