How to stimulate innovation within an SME

A company and its employees are at the heart of the innovation process, in correlation with the company's strategy, culture and structure.

The company and the employees essentially determine the innovation process from the inside. The following factors however, work from the outside:

  • Customer requirements
  • Advantages for customers
  • Global and technological trends
  • Behavior of the competition
  • The needs of the families of the entrepreneur and of employees
  • The requirements of intermediaries (suppliers and resellers)
  • The requirements of network partners

A gradual process

The innovation process is iterative, or gradual. Ideally, it takes place as follows:

Experience shows that entrepreneurs contribute to activating and then maintaining the innovation process. They have considerable influence over the company's culture, strategy and structure.


The innovation process is supported by the following factors:

  • Supervision of innovation
  • Knowledge management
  • Networking management

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Last modification 22.08.2018

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