Errors allow innovation to emerge

When companies are looking for new products, they should not be afraid to take risks. It is by making mistakes that we innovate the most. 


We learn from our mistakes and the resulting damage, but only if the damage is presented openly, without penalty and if the causes can be freely analyzed. Mistakes made within a company should therefore be accepted and assumed collectively. In this case, this means finding solutions and not scapegoats. 

Appetite for risk

Unlike routine operations, innovations come with a particularly high risk of error and failure. Without an appetite for risk, innovation cannot emerge. If a culture of error and risk is lacking in the company, employees will be continually torn between opportunity and safety, ending up by acting according to an appetite for low risk. 

Framework conditions

An innovative company, however, creates framework conditions which motivate employees to find proposals, ideas and new solutions for problems, and also to disclose them. This presupposes a certain room for maneuver which, due to budgetary restrictions, is often limited, or even non-existent in SMEs. This factor prevents employees from developing their ideas, since they will always weigh up the additional workload against everyday activities, personal added value and added value for the company. Most employees play it safe, opting against extra work.


Last modification 20.08.2018

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