Evaluating your leadership profile

It is important for the entrepreneur to know what is going on within their company. The following checklist contains the questions to be asked. 

The following checklist helps the entrepreneur to determine their profile (checklist available for download at the bottom of the page). Yes and no answers are not possible. This list is above all a means of making sure you are honest with yourself:

  • As company manager, am I predictable in the eyes of my employees?
  • Do my employees regard me as a role model?
  • I realize that my employees rely on my principles to manage difficult situations (e.g. customer complaints, differences in opinion, etc.).
  • Am I aware of the fact that my employees and my customers are constantly watching me?
  • Have there been situations in which I have had to negotiate boldly on behalf of my company? Do my employees talk about this?
  • Have there been situations in which I have lacked courage and which I can still remember?
  • Do my employees tell anecdotes about me?
  • Are there moments of laughter within the company?
  • Do I have a “sponsor” watching the language I use and giving me advice about language?
  • Am I able to discuss my management style with other entrepreneurs? Do they give me advice?
  • Do people talk politely about suppliers, customers and employees, even when I am not there?
  • Do we address each other formally or informally within the company?
  • Do I delegate my responsibility to my employees?
  • Do I contribute to the development of my team?
  • Do I give spontaneous, well-deserved praise?
  • Am I able to make clear, direct criticism without the person I am talking to losing face?
  • Are challenges discussed objectively with employees?
  • Do I instill an innovation dynamic among my employees?
  • Do I trust my intuition?
  • Do I give enough importance to an authentic management style?
  • Do I have enough time for my employees and their interests?
  • Do I try and understand my employees’ intentions and problems?

Source: "Innovationen im Kleinunternehmen", Swiss Research Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, University of St. Gallen.


Last modification 27.09.2019

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