What is my company's flexibility?

The following statements will help assess a company's flexibility. Read through them to see if they apply to you. 

The following statements will help you assess the flexibility of your company (check-list available for download opposite). Review them, distinguishing between those that are true, false or not applicable:

  • Customers’ wishes and requirements are taken into account a) by the company manager and b) by the employees.
  • Our employees are flexible and are capable of putting themselves in the customer’s place and understanding their needs.
  • Our innovation projects with customers are proof of this.
  • Our company is at the forefront in terms of developing new products and services adapted to customer requirements.
  • Nothing is overlooked. We have impressive early warning tools.
  • Our company has staff who monitor the increase in flexibility.
  • Ideas of any kind are discussed in-house.
  • The company rapidly adapts to new situations.
  • Innovative ideas presented by employees are rewarded (in the form of bonuses and/or by their publication).
  • Employees’ good ideas are implemented quickly.
  • Our company does not limit itself to reacting to change but also acts spontaneously both externally and internally.
  • Our company adapts to market requirements based on our innovation strategy.
  • Our employees discuss customers and market requirements (even in their spare time).

Source: "Innovationen im Kleinunternehmen", Swiss Research Institute of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, University of St. Gallen


Last modification 27.09.2019

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