Achieving better sales: Tips for improving sales

Careful analysis of an online store's results and of consumer behavior provide many indicators for improving sales. Here is an explanation. 

Conversion rate is an essential measurement of the success of an e-commerce website. This is the amount of visitors who landed on a page of the website and actually made a purchase.

To improve the conversion rate, the trader must analyze the reasons why a visit did not end with a purchase. Here are some important questions:

  • At what point did the customer leave the site?
  • Did the customer get lost?
  • Is the website clear enough?
  • Does the website include too much information or, conversely, not enough?

The moment the customer lands on the site, web controlling tools can be used to observe their behavior and glean valuable indicators to improve their experience. Each stage of the purchasing funnel must be analyzed, from the landing page through to order confirmation. 

The following should be observed in particular:

  • Page-view statistics
  • The customer journey (via their clicks)

These observations will make it possible to draw up a map showing clicks and to make changes in order to improve the customer experience.

Last modification 30.04.2021

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