SuisseID for more secure transactions

SuisseID provides evidence of digital identity and secures internet transactions. This is an indisputable plus for an e-commerce website. 

SuisseID is the first standardized product in Switzerland providing secure proof of one’s digital identity. It is the equivalent of an identity card or a passport on the internet.

Launched at the initiative of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs, SuisseID provides secure authentication on websites while guaranteeing the legally valid signature of documents such as invoices, contracts or emails.

SuisseID therefore makes it possible to secure digital transactions between companies, between individuals and companies and even between citizens and government agencies.

The two forms of SuisseID

Users can order the SuisseID in two different forms:

  • A USB flash drive
  • A smart card

The USB flash drive can be used with any computer that has a USB port. The smart card requires a card reader. During a transaction, the user is verified using the unique electronic signature contained in the SuisseID chip connected to their computer.

Using SuisseID on an e-commerce website

An online store can benefit from SuisseID for the unequivocal and secure identification of customers, the signature of contracts or even the authentication of bids. For some purchases, SuisseID can prove useful to verify the age of customers (users have to show an identity card when making a purchase).

To be incorporated into an e-commerce website, SuisseID must be ordered from one of the official suppliers:

For companies, the SuisseID website provides a detailed procedure to be followed in order to use it:

The legal bases of SuisseID

In Switzerland, the legislator grants equal weight to electronic and handwritten signatures (Art. 14 2bis, CO).

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Last modification 10.10.2019

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