Creativity: idea-generating methods

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Creativity is the raw material of innovative companies. Simple methods can be put in place to stimulate it. Here are some guidelines. 

We have all suddenly come up with an idea at an unexpected time of the day, for example when getting up from a chair or chatting with a colleague. In SMEs, these sparks of ideas – ‘light-bulb moments – are the raw material of innovation. A simple idea, provided you manage to hold on to it when it comes and use it appropriately, can help solve a problem or even be transformed into a product, thereby contributing to the growth of the company.

Although SMEs already benefit daily from the creativity of their employees, even unwittingly, some tools are available that facilitate the generation of ideas even more effectively. By their very nature, ideas can be extremely fleeting. Drawing them out and, more specifically, capturing them, requires the appropriate skills.

Methods promoting creativity are not just for major companies with endless resources. On the contrary, SMEs, with their more open, flexible and proactive structure, are the first to be able to fully take advantage of such methods. How do you turn creativity into one of your major assets? This section presents tried and tested techniques and aims to inspire both entrepreneurs and their employees.


Citations about creativity

"Creativity is the sudden cessation of stupidity."
Edwin Land, inventor of the Polaroid camera

"Creativity is to discover the question which was never posed. A new question results inevitably of an unique answer."
Kenya Hara, art director of the Japanese chain of stores Muji

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