Character: Do you have the makings of an entrepreneur?

You want to be self-employed and set up your own business. But are you really an entrepreneur? You need to answer this key question beforehand.

Generally, the following qualities are particularly marked in entrepreneurs:

  • Theoretical intelligence: understands and learns quickly; used to thinking abstractly and logically; able to resolve difficult problems.
  • Resilience: not easily discouraged by difficulties; able to cope with failure.
  • Self-confidence: marked assurance, convictions, persistence; not accepting of everything; steadfast opinions, even in the face of opposition; can make decisions independently.
  • Drive: tendency to be enthusiastic, even impulsive; enjoys suspense; talkative and communicative; quick to react, alert; able to deal with affairs promptly.
  • Tenacity: more flexible than stubborn, that is, aware of obligations; able to play it by ear; loyal to personal rules.
  • High level of sociability: high self-esteem, responsive towards others; open and uncomplicated; can express feelings clearly, sociable and often casual with others; very resilient to stress from an emotional point of view.
  • Individuality: strong personality, often unconventional; not afraid to think for oneself; prepared to deviate from the norm or common practice; seeks demanding tasks or challenges.

The personalized analysis on this site (“How you see yourself” and “How others see you”) and the questions about management expertise (“What is your management expertise?”) below will help you decide if you have the qualities and makings of a self-employed person.


Last modification 09.04.2021

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