Corporate policy

Today, most employees benefit from effective government aid. But a company can provide other additional benefits.

A company’s corporate policy is not confined to statutory obligations in terms of social insurance or occupational pensions (see “The employer’s obligations”). It can also be voluntary. A good corporate policy provides employees with security and well-being. It also helps limit staff fluctuations and even improves the productivity of the workforce.

For entrepreneurs, it involves a balance of interests with a view to determining how many resources or how much money they want to allocate to this area.

Today, employees are usually well covered against various risks by government insurance (health, accident, incapacity for work). But there are other requirements, notably in terms of pension benefits and leisure activities.

The important factor for a company in terms of corporate policy is that this policy should be established on clear guidelines. Each employee should benefit from the same rights, but it is also important to keep some room for individual measures.

Aiming at well-being

In short, a comprehensive and effective corporate policy should be aimed at the well-being of employees, but also optimum integration of these employees in the company. There are various aspects to this, ranging from setting up an old-age benefit to issues relating to health or free time.

Source: Personalmanagement, Theorie und zahlreiche Beispiele aus der Praxis, Marc A. Hermann and Clarisse Pifko


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