Swiss economy improved slightly in December

A roll of paper in a factory.

(18.01.2023) ETHZ’s Center for Economic Studies (KOF) Barometer indicated a slight rebound in the Swiss economy at the end of 2022. In December, it stood at 92.2, up 3 points from the previous month and 1.3 points higher than in October.

This is the first increase in the business barometer's value since May 2022 (apart from a slight rebound of 0.3 points in June), when it fell below the long-term average (100). At that time, the business climate was on a downward trend that continued throughout the second half of 2022.

In December, the relatively robust increase in the barometer was due to several encouraging signals in the production sector, particularly from indicators assessing employment outlook, business situation, production capacities and competitive situation. Nevertheless, there were significantly fewer positive signals from indicators related to the assessment of the production situation.

As far as other industries are concerned, services, particularly finance, insurance and hospitality, are beginning to show positive signals and seem to be starting to recover from the turbulent period that characterized the second half of 2022.

In the manufacturing industry, the wood and paper industry and the metal industry seem to have gained strength. The same applies to the electrical industry and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, which are also in good shape.

On the other hand, the indicators for the paper and printing industries are sending very negative signals.


Last modification 18.01.2023

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