Foreign trade is picking up again

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(24.05.2022) After a slowdown in the fourth quarter of 2022, imports and exports rebounded between January and March 2023. According to the Federal Office for Customs and Border Security (FOCBS), the trade surplus amounts to 8.3 billion francs.

Driven by the dynamism of the vehicle sector - including aerospace and aerospace navigation (+24.5%), plastics (+10.8%), watchmaking (+5.3%), chemicals, and pharmaceuticals (+4.5%), exports have surged by 3.9% quarter-on-quarter (+2.53 billion). The increase in exports of chemicals and pharmaceuticals (+1.5 billion) alone accounts for more than two-thirds of this growth.

On the import side, the trend observed since Q3 2022 reflects stagnation. Although a slight increase of CHF 646 million (+1.1%) was recorded quarter-on-quarter, the total value of imports in Q1 2023 remains below that observed between July and September 2022 (-0.4%).

Imports of vehicles (+7.2%), chemicals and pharmaceuticals (+5.8%), as well as watches (+4.4%), showed particularly strong performance. On the other hand, the inflow of energy products (-11.5%), metals (-3.7%), and paper and graphic arts products (-3.5%) decreased significantly compared to the last three months of the previous year.

Between October and December 2022, exports had dropped by 4%. Imports had also experienced a slowdown, although less pronounced (-1.5%).


Last modification 24.05.2023

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